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Frequently Asked Questions



I am interested, how can I register?

Very nice to hear that you are interested in VS Vredeoord! We will keep you informed of all developments. As soon as you can submit your preferences, you will receive an email. Then you can get started via your personal account. Enter your housing preferences and follow the steps of the registration form.

Are there any service costs besides the rent?

Yes, the service costs are € 85 per month. In addition to your luxurious appartement and beautiful courtyard garden, you also have plenty of space to work in the co-working spaces on the ground floor, where you can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the lounge. VS Vredeoord has its own sports facility with cardio- ans power equipments so your sports subscription is not longer needed.

Are the rental prices inclusive or exclusive of heat, water and electricity?

The rental prices are exclusive. This means that you are still responsible for signing a contract with an energy supplier, Brabant Water and Ennatuurlijk (district heating).

Can I visit the apartment?

You are probably curious to see what the apartments look like. Because the apartments are still under construction, it is not possible to visit them. To give you a good impression of the apartments, you will find impressions, photos and floor plans on the website.

When will the apartments be delivered?

The apartments in VS Vredeoord are expected to be completed mid-March 2022. Because the apartments are still under construction, this is a prognosis. Of course we will keep you informed about the construction progress.


Are there any registration fees?

You do not have to pay any registration fees. There are also no mediation costs or brokerage fees.

What about the privacy of my data and documents?

We process personal data to fulfil our obligation towards the owner. Of course we do this in accordance with the applicable legal obligations. Would you like to know more? Read our privacy statement on the website.


What are the income guidelines for renting?

To be able to rent a house, it is important that you can pay your rent every month. The following income guidelines have been drawn up for this purpose:

  • Minimum gross monthly income of 3,5 times the monthly rent;
  • In case of two incomes, the second income counts for 50%;
  • Pensioners need a minimum gross monthly income of 3 times the monthly rent due to the lower tax burden.
  • Holiday pay, fixed bonuses and a thirteenth month may be added to the gross annual income.Would you like more information about the income requirements and rental conditions? Take a look at procedure and conditions.

Which documents do I need to provide?

During the registration process before the start of the rental, documents will be requested. These are mainly documents to substantiate and verify your income, assets and identity. Which documents these are, depends on your personal situation. You can view these documents in your account when the rental starts.

Is it possible to rent with a guarantee?

We do not accept guarantees from third parties. Because of the extra risks involved it is important that tenants are able to pay the rent independently.

What is the minimum rental period?

The rental agreement applies to the minimum period of twelve months and is then automatically extended. After these twelve months a notice period of one calendar month will apply.

Is a deposit applicable?

Normally a deposit of one monthly rent is required. In specific cases more than one monthly rent will be required as a deposit. For example when you have a temporary employment contract, if you have your own company or if you do not fully meet the (income) requirements.


How is the kitchen finished and equipped?

The apartments have a modern white high gloss kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with high quality appliances including an induction hob, extractor hood, fridge, combi oven and a dishwasher. The kitchen layout differs per apartment and is shown on the floor plan.

How are the toilet and bathroom finished?

The apartments contain a watercloset with a wall hung toilet and hand basin. The bathroom is luxuriously fitted with a shower, wash basin and mirror.

How are the walls, floors and ceilings finished?

The walls in the apartment are delivered ready for painting, except for the storage room and toilet. You can paint the walls to your own taste. The ceilings are white painted.

There is a levelling screed in the residence. As a tenant you can choose your own floor such as laminate or PVC floor. The floors are equipped with underfloor heating.


Where can I park my car?

You can park your car in the indoor parking garage. This way you always have a place to park your car and your car is safe and dry. Now you never have to remove snow or ice from your car again.

Is there an external storage room with the house?

All apartments, except Grenenhout 8 027 (a two-room apartment), have an external storage room. The storage rooms are in the basement or on the floor, near the residence. Grenenhout 8 027 has a spacious indoor storage room. There is a communal bicycle parking facility in the basement.

What communal facilities does VS Vredeoord have?

VS Vredeoord has various shared facilities. That is why you can cancel your gym subscription right now. The gym with both strength and cardio equipment is located on the ground floor. Working from home is also ideal in VS Vredeoord’s co-working space. Here you can study and work in peace, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee from the coffee corner.

Finally, VS Vredeoord has ‘The Hidden Treasure’, the courtyard garden. Here you can enjoy about 700 m² of green. The inner garden has terraces with wooden decking, various seating areas, trees and plants.

As a tenant you can use all facilities.

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